This is a website dedicated to the planning of my book series. The wikipedia format makes it easy to check through previously written notes, add supplementary content and make revisions as I continue. You are very welcome to peruse this library of my ramblings.

I would ask kindly that you do not edit or alter any articles. Although I have set most pages to be protected there may still be one or two left and undoing damage which I have neither supervised nor permitted is cumbersome at best and infuriating at worst.

The Empire of Roses refers to the sovereign state of Avalon in a technological level resembling the present day. The information here is to aid in the 'translation and localisation of the original text as discovered' to be consumed by a British audience, including names of people and locations. The world is steeped in the supernatural.

This wiki seeks to cover multiple aspects of the world, extending to general elections, educational institutions, political parties, geography, culture and influential people.

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